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October 2015

"PROTECT IS ARTERY" You might want to consider the vertebral artery when discussing concussion prevention and rehabilitation strategies.

Personally I love the Under Armour “Protect this House” advertising campaign. So, I am going to infringe on their campaign immediately and title this article, “Protect this Artery”.

Here's something to consider when discussing concussion prevention and recovery - the vertebral artery. 

Top Five Fitness Fallacies: Women and Weight by Kyle Castles


Read the Top Five Fitness Fallacies Facing Women and Weight Training.


1) Heavy weight training will make you bulky.

3 Ways You Can Instantly Improve Your Squat Experience

I was doing my own workout last night at Striation 6 when I noticed one of our clients at having a very awkward barbell squat experience. Squats are a very popular exercise, and with good reason! As a personal trainer in a big city like Toronto, I have had the pleasure of working with numerous clients whose spinal and leg strength, muscularity and aesthetic qualities have improved thanks to the effective use of barbell squats.

Don't be dense on bone density. Read this!


Did you know isometric training slows the reduction of bone density of the femur during period of immobilization caused by injury? Better yet, it is also shown to accelerate bone growth by upwards of 16% per year for individuals living with osteopenia and osteoporosis. 


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