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3 Huge Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

This is guest blog post from Nick Bissett. Nick has been at Striation 6 for two years. He is enthusiastic and brings his own weight loss experiences to the table with his personal training and group fitness clients. Click here to have a gander at Nick's profile or email him at nick@striation6.com to say hello!

​In my own exercise journey I have tried countless programs from running to yoga to try and help lose weight and better control my health. I have found that weight training is the best tool to help me reach the body and health I’ve always wanted. Here are the three biggest mistakes I made in my own weight loss process - use my experience to avoid these in your own weight loss process!

  1. Do excessive cardio - People think cardio is great because it burns so many calories. The truth is the more you do it the more efficient your body gets and you burn less calories. Let's think about cost versus benefit of cardio. For example, you ran for 30 minutes and burned 400 calories, so now you’re starving and plow down a 500+ calorie meal. So you just spent 45 minutes exercising to add 100 calories to your day. While in 45 minutes of weight training - assuming you burned the same 400 calories - leaves you a large window to burn calories post workout from muscular and nervous system repair, and all of the physiological adaptations that go with that weight training effort. Those compounded effects will have a far greater influence on fat loss than cardio on its own.
  2. Eat Salads All Day - Sure, getting your veggies is important; what’s more important when it comes to fat loss is having an understanding of calories and macronutrients and how they affect YOUR body. Macronutrients are the building blocks for our body and are going to be the main thing you should focus on. Macronutrients are FAT CARBOHYDRATES AND PROTEIN. IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) and My Fitness Pal are both great tools in understanding macros and how they affect your body and as well the ratios of each involved with weight loss. Salads can leave you both hungry or overfed depending on the specificity of the ingredients - details matter!
  3. Detox/Diet Pills - No matter what the marketing says no one has created a pill or formula to melt belly fat, detox your body, or help you “get lean”. Our livers detox our bodies and nothing works best to lose fat besides hard work and dedication, Thanks, science! Our best recommendations are to diet appropriately and exercise on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, or want to better understand the process involved with transforming your body safely and effectively feel free to contact me nick@striation6 or visit the Striation 6 website here.


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