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From Couch to Confident: 6 Reasons to Start Weight Training TODAY!

This guest blog post from Nick is inspiring and exciting. One of our most promising exercise professionals at Striation 6, Nick's passion for personal training and fitness stems from his own experience with being overweight, unhealthy, and what it took to change his life for the better.

Enter Nick:


6:00 am - the alarm goes off, and I dread getting out of bed in the morning. I'm still exhausted - almost as if I haven't slept at all. In the kitchen I turn on the coffee and head back upstairs to shower and get dressed. Digging through my closet trying to find something I like but everything I bought isn’t something I like, its just good at hiding my body. I skip breakfast because I ate way too much last night and I’ll just wait for lunch. Time to start the day.

10:00 am - I’m starving, tired, and I have a headache. At lunch I gorge on a high-calorie, sugary meal, and then I don’t eat again until dinner. I use coffee like some legal form of methamphetamine, just to make it through the day. I am addicted to this cycle.

6:00 pm - Again, starving at dinner, I eat way too much.

11:00 pm - Having gorged on some loathsome junk food as a "snack", I head to bed; hating how I feel and dreading my next day of battling these demons.

Repeat, seemingly without end.

My life carried on this way for years. Finally, I decided that enough is enough; I needed to do something to break this cycle. So, I began hitting the weights . . . and I've never looked back! I started out like most people - not having a clue what to do on the gym floor. I now firmly believe that that mindset and lack of knowledge are what stop people from exercising. I would flip flop between programs unsure about sets, reps, and especially confused with form. After a ton of research and talking to some genuine exercise professionals, I started to challenge myself with more complex, full body movements like the squat, overhead press and deadlifts. In all honesty this was the best thing I could have done for my life and physical fitness. Since then, I wear the clothes that I want, I wake up in the morning full of energy, and I eat meals at regular intervals in healthy portions - food is now healthy, enjoyable and fuelling rather than something I resent or dread.

Here are the 6 biggest changes that I saw in my own body as a result of resistance training:

1. Improved quality of sleep – As a generally anxious person this was probably my favourite of all of the positive benefits of resistance exercise. I now fall asleep without difficulty; I stay asleep for the whole night; and, I wake up feeling rested and renewed.

2. Mood - There is nothing better than the rush of endorphins that come after a great workout! There is never a time I feel more in state of peace and relaxation than after a great lift. See ya later anxiety!

3. Fat Loss – In my experience, I have found that intense resistance exercise to be the most time effective fat burning, muscle building style of exercise. The calories burned in a weight training sessions and the calories required to recover far exceed cardio. And all science aside, lifting heavy things is just way more fun!

4.External Change – The confidence you gain from changing your body will be noticed by others and could be the change you needed to get ahead in life. Who knew I had such great fashion sense?!?!?

5. Bone Density – As we age bone density becomes more and more relevant, with osteoporosis on the rise weight training is one the best ways to reduce that risk. Being in my twenties, this was not an issue for me. Now, however, it is far less likely to ever become one!

6.Eating – Tired of eating salads? Well weight training will give you the opportunity to still enjoy some of your favorite foods like steak, roasts and all types of delicious protein and fat sources. Did I mention that I love food?


Since seeing these positive changes in my life resulting from resistance training, it has become a passion of mine to pass my knowledge and experience to others. It would be my privilege to have you in my "From Couch to Confident" Fitness Series. I am hosting this 8-week series with a select number of people that will teach you invaluable information about form, technique and how to work out right! I want to pass on my experience to you as both an exercise enthusiast and as an exercise professional at Striation 6.

Send this email to one of our Hosts to enroll today. As a bonus, anyone who enrolls "From Couch to Confident" before May 7th will get three 30-Minute Personal Training sessions with me absolutely FREE - my thanks to you for changing your health and allowing me to share my passion with you.



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