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Five Tips for Building Strength

Want to get strong?  Follow these simple tips:

Don’t major in the minors

Most of your strength gains will come from compound movements such as upper body pressing, rowing, pullups, squats and deadlift variations. So why spend half of your workout doing bicep curls, pushdowns and crunches? Spend AT LEAST 80% of your workout focused on the movements that give you the most bang for your buck!

Follow a routine given to you by a professional

Don’t just enter the gym without a plan – that’s like putting together IKEA furniture without the assembly instructions (good luck!). While you may find some amazing routines online, you’ll generally do far better working with someone who makes a living training people in the real world.

Eat to support your goals

Far too many people work hard in the gym just to go home afterwards and eat a bagel with cream cheese, instead of some muscle-building steak, glycogen-replenishing sweet potatoes and nutritious broccoli. Give your body what it needs, rather than giving your brain what it craves. Hint: ice cream, pizza and chips do not build muscle and strength!

Proper technique is key

Poor technique leads to strength leakages and injuries. Great technique leads to great strength gains. Train your muscles, not your ego! Always take a muscle through its full range of motion with a weight you can handle.

Have fun, but stay consistent

Having fun is important, but consistency and discipline are key. Have a cheat meal every once in a while, but follow your diet 90% of the time. Try to make sure you focus on building strength on those fundamental compound movements instead of changing your routine every workout. If an exercise is worth doing once, it’s worth doing it all the time.

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