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The Problem With Faking It

"Fake it 'til you make it" is incredibly attractive when you first try it on. It can even be effective; it can take you to a place where you actually become an effective person in a daunting environment.


In the exercise profession, it can set you up for success:

  • You have back pain? I can help you! {But, can you really?}
  • I am going to eat perfectly to show my clients how successful doing that an be! {Will you do that for more than a few days? Why is that necessary to do?}
  • I am going to continue my education as a personal trainer until I can help as wide of a group of clients as possible! {Really? What kind of education, and what is your plan to take clients further? By the way, this is where "faking it" is most prominent and most dangerous in the exercise profession.}


See, the problem with faking it - particularly in a city the size of Toronto - at any point is that eventually you have to answer for being fake. There's nothing wrong with motivation; nothing wrong with wanting to continue to push yourself, especially as an exercise professional aiming his or her life at helping people succeed with health, fitness, and wellness. If you are not prepared to answer for being fake, you will get found out:


  • I thought you were supposed to help me with my back pain . . .
  • Nice cupcake - what happened to eating perfectly?
  • I was looking forward to having a genuinely educated personal trainer, but you haven't been to a class, or said or done anything meaningful in about six months…


The clients you want - the clients that value your time and knowledge, that stick around for years or even decades, that support you in your genuine efforts to bring them health -  are the kinds of clients that will ask those questions.


At that point, you as an exercise professional now have both the greatest cost and the greatest gift at your disposal. Your integrity is nil; you are at rock bottom - you actually have a chance to make it.


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