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Two Reasons We Love Yoga at Striation 6

Many Striation 6 clients who have been with Brad and I since "the beginning" (around 2008) may recall our often soured opinion of Yoga. To be abundantly clear, we have never disliked nor disapproved of Yoga as a form of exercise. We have, however, recommended strongly at times that certain clients avoid it as an exercise activity based on individual circumstances. We also continually advocate Yoga as an organized and often very beneficial form of isometric execise with the added benefits of spiritual progress, and mental and emotinal clarity. In preparing to open our facility at 33 Davisville Avenue, we were hopeful that we would find an exceptional Yoga instructor that viewed her practice and teaching with the same pragmatism and long-term outlook that we do with our Personal Training clients.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Enter Parool Joshi.

Two reasons to love Yoga Asana – and neither are flexibility.

Yoga asana is a smorgasbord of movement, and for most us we could use diversity when it comes to movement. 

I am a yoga instructor and graphic designer so I find myself sitting quite a bit, and often on my computer (like now). Like everyone else I am in danger of putting my body in a few limited poses for the majority of the day. Yoga poses called “asanas” remind me that our bodies were designed to move in a myriad of different ways.

Through a typical class you will be asked to move into many poses. When we ask our bodies to open up to as many different movements as possible we learn to deal with the challenges of re-defining the relationship between various muscles and tissue in the body. If done correctly we wake up muscles that are under used and increase coordination so that the body is better able to support the posture.

This can be a mental challenge as well as a physical one.  For example, when we say lift and separate your toes. Most of us think what?! Ok I lifted them, but I can’t control each toe! However, given time and practice, your brain will connect to those muscles and you will eventually gain the control to enjoy some breeze between your digits at will.

So Yoga is about coordinating movement and building strength to hold posture. Flexibility increases as a response to reconditioning the relationship between muscles and tissue. Before gaining flexibility (or what I like to call full range of motion) you need to build a body that can hold those states. If you do not have the strength needed to hold a pose with ease you will put your body at risk of injury.  

To all those tight bodies who think yoga is not for you…it is actually for you! If you are overly flexible you may be at a greater risk of hitting and going beyond your edge. After all everything should be about balance, but that’s a different blog.

So what’s the second reason to love Yoga? Self-awareness.  Ultimately Yoga raises self-awareness and who can’t use more of that. Knowledge is powerful and nothing is more powerful than the knowledge that comes from our own bodies. This type of knowledge sparks transformations.

I’ve seen incredible changes occure a result of becoming aware. We may start with just noticing our bodies imbalances and then move to noticing our patterns or habits. What happens next is truly incredible, but that is for you to find out.  

Enjoy the journey.

Parool Joshi

Parool is a pleasure to have at Striation 6 and, in our eyes, has the optimal mix of mindfulness and realism in her approach to teaching and practicing Yoga. To view Parool's bio and class schedule click here.


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