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Our Mission

The success of most businesses in the fitness industry is predicated on your failure. At the Striation 6 Exercise and Performance Centre, we’re different. We are constantly working to create health for, change the lives of, and give back to you, our clients, through the exercise ExPerience™. And that ExPerience™, just like the way we spell it, is different from the norm; and, it goes beyond the usual or expected.

Our mission is to up the ExPerience™ ante for everyone participating in our exercise community; to host you in a community dedicated to meaningful exercise, encompassing your health, your physique and your long-term wellness. We will accomplish this by providing you with professionals who are leaders in their fields. We respect their abilities and treat them accordingly, because you deserve to be serviced by the best. In addition, we believe in developing all our staff to levels of exceptional professional competency. The learning continuum is fundamental to our growth as fitness professionals and as caring, compassionate beings.

Our pay-per-use offerings put you back in control of your exercise process. Rather than having the liability of a membership, our system allows you to select and use your exercise assets as you see fit. Our success truly depends on yours and we cannot wait to have you as part of our community.

To that end, say goodbye to aggressive sales tactics, difficult membership contracts, and the guilty feelings of not getting your money’s worth from a monthly or annual membership. We believe you should pay for what you use and nothing more.

So welcome to Striation 6 Exercise and Performance Centre… where you are a Striator!


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