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Come to our Bootcamp classes at Striation 6 to have a total-body strength training workout combined with an intense cardiovascular challenge!

Learn More About Bootcamp

Using a combination of bodyweight exercises, plyometrics and light resistance tools, our Bootcamp classes at Striation 6 are designed to metabolically challenge you while also building your strength and lean muscle tissue. The open format of the class allows individual instructors to get creative while giving you as much burn for your buck as you can handle! While some types of Bootcamp at Striation 6 promote a maximal cardiovascular challenge, others promote the kind of muscle-building and strengthening that leave your body incinerating fat ALL DAY LONG!

This workout is for you, if:

  • You want a total body conditioning workout
  • You enjoy challenging workouts
  • You are looking to mentally push yourself through your exercise regimen

Purchase Group Classes

Package Details Price per Class Purchase
Single Maximum $120 / month $20


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