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Three Reasons Why I don’t stretch Before Workouts

I am grateful for this guest blog by Striation 6 Silver Level Personal Trainer, Nick Bissett. You may have heard me advise clients to NOT stretch - both at all, and especially not before workouts. There are good reasons for this, backed by science. Here, Nick outlines three for you. Please read them mindfully and feel free to send any questions you have my way.


Is a Cognitive Bias Killing Your Exercise Progress?

This is a guest blog post from Glen Owen. Glen is a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and has been in the exercise profession since 2008. He has a strong command over the principles taught in The Resistance Training Specialist Program and as such is a Gold Level Personal Trainer here at Striation 6.

The Problem With Faking It

"Fake it 'til you make it" is incredibly attractive when you first try it on. It can even be effective; it can take you to a place where you actually become an effective person in a daunting environment.


In the exercise profession, it can set you up for success:


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