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6 Great Reasons to Work at Striation 6

We are always looking for great people to work at Striation 6. With the exception of some administrative positions, we do not mandate that we be your exclusive employer. It is our goal, however, that once you join our team you do not want to work anywhere else!

Our company is in growth mode and, to that effect, here are 6 great reasons why you would want to join our team:

Is a Cognitive Bias Killing Your Exercise Progress?

This is a guest blog post from Glen Owen. Glen is a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and has been in the exercise profession since 2008. He has a strong command over the principles taught in The Resistance Training Specialist Program and as such is a Gold Level Personal Trainer here at Striation 6.

You Are Where You Are

Literally, 88 out of every 100 people who exercise say that they are doing so to “lose weight.” That’s why I started working out; I understand completely.

Almost inevitably, something during the weight loss process (other than plateauing) gets in the way of that goal. Kids, money, time, other obligations, a cookie or alternative delicious food binge that lasts for a month (be honest).

From Couch to Confident: 6 Reasons to Start Weight Training TODAY!

This guest blog post from Nick is inspiring and exciting. One of our most promising exercise professionals at Striation 6, Nick's passion for personal training and fitness stems from his own experience with being overweight, unhealthy, and what it took to change his life for the better.

Enter Nick:


Robyn Baldwin, Toronto Fitness Blogger, Experiences MAT at Striation 6

I have had the privillege of working with Robyn Baldwin, a well-known and, frankly, awesome Toronto-based fitness blogger over the past few weeks. She was kind enough to write a very complementary article on her first experiences at Striation 6, specifically with Muscle Activation Techniques. I am very enthusiastic about working with her in 2016!

Follow this link to see the article.

"PROTECT IS ARTERY" You might want to consider the vertebral artery when discussing concussion prevention and rehabilitation strategies.

Personally I love the Under Armour “Protect this House” advertising campaign. So, I am going to infringe on their campaign immediately and title this article, “Protect this Artery”.

Here's something to consider when discussing concussion prevention and recovery - the vertebral artery. 

Top Five Fitness Fallacies: Women and Weight by Kyle Castles


Read the Top Five Fitness Fallacies Facing Women and Weight Training.


1) Heavy weight training will make you bulky.

Service, Not Servitude

There is a significant set of differences between providing a high level of service and being a servant. As an exercise professional - a personal trainer, group fitness instructor or manual therapist - the former denotes a mutually beneficial and self-perpetuating exchange between you and your clients. You, being the (always evolving) exercise expert in the relationship, seek to obtain information from your clients and use it to soundly develop an optimal exercise process for them.


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