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3 Huge Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

This is guest blog post from Nick Bissett. Nick has been at Striation 6 for two years. He is enthusiastic and brings his own weight loss experiences to the table with his personal training and group fitness clients. Click here to have a gander at Nick's profile or email him at nick@striation6.com to say hello!

You Are Where You Are

Literally, 88 out of every 100 people who exercise say that they are doing so to “lose weight.” That’s why I started working out; I understand completely.

Almost inevitably, something during the weight loss process (other than plateauing) gets in the way of that goal. Kids, money, time, other obligations, a cookie or alternative delicious food binge that lasts for a month (be honest).

From Couch to Confident: 6 Reasons to Start Weight Training TODAY!

This guest blog post from Nick is inspiring and exciting. One of our most promising exercise professionals at Striation 6, Nick's passion for personal training and fitness stems from his own experience with being overweight, unhealthy, and what it took to change his life for the better.

Enter Nick:



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