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Glen Owen

Personal Trainer

​With love and integrity, Glen is an exercise enthusiast that relishes the opportunity to be in service to others. A muscle health and exercise consultant, he educates and assists others in optimal physical function, body composition; as well as through public speaking and study groups. He enjoys studying Ontology (the study of being), Improv Comedy, Soccer, Resistance Training, and Eating (often copiously!)

Muscle Health and Exercise Consultant’s Role Responsibilities

1. Assessor (Mobility Profiling), and Analyst, determining courses of action for improving muscle function and active range of motion for improved human performance.

2. Educator and Motivator, teaching techniques and strategies for client self efficacy in the lifelong management of their health.

3. Client Advocate and Accountability Partner, encouraging and guiding a client’s decision process regarding healthy choices.

4. Inter-Provider Communication and Coordination, helping the client build a trusted team of experts to support their lifelong health and fitness.

5. Learner, To continually learn and develop skills and competencies to best serve clients.

Personal Trainer - Gold

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