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Jenna MacLeod

Personal Trainer

Jenna, a passionate and energetic individual who loves working with others, started her journey into the athletic world at a young age. She began with competitive soccer and then worked her way into making an impact in a co-ed field hockey league. 

In her pursuit of further knowledge, she graduated from George Brown College in the Fitness and Lifestyle Management program. She believes engaging the mind and body will be key in promoting body awareness and prevention of injury, two very key components of health and fitness. Garnering knowledge on your personal strengths and more importantly weaknesses will increase the chances of both a better basis for your physical and mental health.

Through her practical and academic journey, Jenna has obtained all the tools she needs in the fitness field to aid others to reach their personal health and fitness aspirations. Jenna plans to continue creating programs and training clients while continuing to educate herself and pursue a certification to work with those in need of post-rehabilitation.

Personal Trainer - Silver


"I worked with Jenna for four months doing conditioning, strengthening and rehabilitation from a low-back injury. She was incredibly accommodating of my injury and built a program that complimented my ongoing physiotherapy treatments and that helped me stay active during my rehab. She was able to craft a program that sped up my recovery from injury and made me stronger to help prevent against future injury. Her expert use of the IsoPhit equipment created a program that helped me gain strength, improve my conditioning and ensure that there was protection from aggravating my injury.”
"Beyond the physical elements of rehab, Jenna also gave me the confidence to get active once again in the gym. She taught me a variety of exercises that have helped me stay active after I returned to University. She was my prime motivator for helping me put fitness back into my life. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, motivating yet patient and supportive personal trainer.”
A.J. Takarabe
“My personal trainer is Jenna MacLeod. I’ve been working with Jenna for three months now and she is excellent. As former athlete who maintained a fairly regular training and fitness routine over the years, I thought I was in fairly good shape. But I was in a rut doing the same old exercises. I’d never had a personal trainer before and frankly was a bit skeptical. No longer. I’m now out of my rut with Jenna challenging me like never before and the results are showing. I highly recommend personal training with Jenna for anyone looking to bring their fitness to the next level.”
Dan J.
"The greatest part about working with Jenna is that she listens to your needs and makes adjustments on the fly. She is conscious of your limitations and strengths and works you through it all.”
Jody McKinnion
"We discovered the world of Isometric exercise at Striation 6. We really enjoy our Isophit training with Jenna Macleod. Jenna is an excellent trainer and a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and alert to us doing the exercise right.We love the results.”
Marian Neal and Carver Fraser
"Jenna MacLeod is an exceptional personal trainer. She listens carefully to new clients, then designs programs for your specific needs and goals. She adjusts your program as you progress, changing things up to keep you on your toes. Jenna’s education shines through: she is knowledgeable and articulate about health and fitness. She is also well organized and very professional. Finally and most importantly, though, Jenna is personable and fun to train with! I really enjoy working with her, and recommend her without hesitation.”
Michael Barrett

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