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Nate Bower

Group Instructor

Nate Bower, founder of Nate Bower Fitness, is certified trainer, boxing instructor and active fitness professional based out of Toronto Ontario.

Over the last 10 years Nate’s variety, creative and experience has allowed him to built a large client base, which includes elite athletes, celebrities, local wellness clients and corporate giants.

Nate’s youtube channel has over 35,000 active subscribers and 3.8 million views. He is the creator of the Ultimate 20 Minute Workout series, which includes, In home boxing, In home full body workouts for kids and adults, which combined, have over 1.5 Million views on his Youtube channel. Nate is also the creator of Hip Hop Boxing, a fusion of boxing and Hip Hop, a high calorie burning, fun and energy filled workout that has quickly become a demand in Toronto and will soon be offered globally, on his Youtube channel and, an online downloadable DVD.

Nate’s objectives are simple. To make clients better than they were so that they live better than they did.

Danny Davalos

Danny, a well-known Toronto dancer, teacher and choreographer, is the co-creator of Hip Hop Boxing.

He is the current owner of O.I.P. Dance Centre – home of Do Dat Entertainment, the O.I.P Dance Company and The Cast: Heels Edition. He has performed with top musicians and entertainers, such as Rihanna, Keisha Chante, The Boomtang Boys and Sean Paul. As well as Latin American artists, performing and choreographing for Ricky Martin and Shakira.

His national and international stage performances include Danny Fernades, the Hit & Run European Tour with Shawn Desman, Much Music Video Awards, the motion picture Shall We Dance, and Carnival Choreographers Ball. Davalos was also the lead choreographer for Popstars “The One”.

He has directed and produced dance performances and theatre plays, such as On My Way Home, Making It, Dream and Red City and you can spot him Shawn Desman’s videos “Shiver” and “Electric/Night Like This” on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and also as the TV Host and Producer of “Get Up and Dance” on the BPM TV network.

Most recently, Danny was part of the choreographic team for the PanAm Opening ceremonies alongside Luther Brown, hired by Cirque Du Soleil.


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